Red is the main protagonist of The Angry Birds Movie. Before he was even born, Red was abandoned as an egg by his parents and developed a sense of anger issues. He is voiced by Jason Sudeikis

Background Edit

Early life Edit

Red was abandoned as an egg by unwanted parents. In fact, he was born in a "lost and found" area with other bird's possessions. Growing up, Red was often bullied by other children, and gave him the nickname "Eyebrows", which was a very insulting, and making fun of his thick, black eyebrows. Red had hardly any friends and everyone teased him about it often.

Red also looked up to a figure known as "Mighty Eagle," self-proclaimed protector of their island, and unknowingly, shared the same obsession with Red's future best friends, Chuck and Bomb.

Red - videogame version

Red in the original video games.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Red is a red northern cardinal as a red bird with red feathers, big black eyebrows, a black tail, a light red chest. His eyes are brown, and an orange beak, and orange feet.