Jay, Jake and Jim, also known as the Blue Birds, are a triplet of blue birds. They are minor characters in the movie, but main protagonists of their own TV show, Angry Birds Blue

History Edit

The triplets were lain by a female blue bird. However, they were shortly kidnapped by the pigs. Later their egg was accidentally let out by the birds. Red went to save the egg while Chuck and Bomb unwillingly escape with the other eggs and Mighty Eagle. When Red leads the King where the pigs hid their dynamite sticks, he grabs the egg from the king's grasp and shields himself and the egg with the metal pot that the pigs originally intended to cook the unhatched eggs in.

Later when everyone believes that Red died in the explosion, he is revealed to be alive with a seemingly broken egg. However, the triplets are revealed to be alive. Red returns them to their parents.

After they return home, the blue triplets sing with the other hatchlings "Mighty, Mighty Red." In post-credits, they launch themselves in a re-constructed slingshot and split into three in the sea.


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